Bangor had better become very familiar with Mr. Davidson.

Pete Davidson, alongside fellow comedian John Mulaney, is coming to the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor on October 29th. Pete Davidson hosted the season premiere of SNL over the weekend, returning to where he spent nearly a decade of his formative years as a comedian.

In anticipation of his stop in Bangor, we have compiled all of the skits and sketches in which he starred for his first time hosting the late-night variety show.

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The cold open for the season premiere featured Host Pete Davidson taking a moment to speak on the crisis in the Middle East.

Pete Davidson talks about trying to bond with his sister by watching Game of Thrones, Staten Island, and the first time he ever performed stand-up. No doubt, this is a preview of what’s to come for his show in Bangor.

Curt Menefee (Kenan Thompson), Howie Long (Mikey Day), Jimmy Johnson (James Austin Johnson), Michael Strahan (Devon Walker), and Terry Bradshaw (Molly Kearney) try to discuss the Philadelphia Eagles versus the New York Jets without bringing up Taylor Swift.

Pete Davidson sings a song about himself, parodying Ryan Gosling’s “I’m Just Ken” from ‘Barbie.’

In a parody of WIRED Autocomplete Interviews, the cast (Pete Davidson, Mikey Day, Chloe Fineman, Ego Nwodim, Marcello Hernández) of a new show answer the most popular Internet-searched questions about themselves.

A lawyer (Pete Davidson) takes on a new client (Bowen Yang) with the help of his secretary (Heidi Gardner).

Three guys reflect on their early comedy careers with Pete Davidson. "Please Don’t Destroy" is hilarious, and I’m so happy that they’re on SNL. This sketch also features a John Mulaney cameo.

Things get out of hand when a gynecologist (Pete Davidson) attends to his patient (Sarah Sherman) trying out a new product.

A day at the beach with friends (Pete Davidson, Ego Nwodim, Andrew Dismukes, Sarah Sherman, Devon Walker, Marcello Hernández, Chloe Troast) doesn't go as planned.

Two men (Pete Davidson, Andrew Dismukes) show off their extravagant new lifestyles in a roadhouse bar.

Two former coworkers (Pete Davidson, Bowen Yang) reconnect while their spaceship is under attack.

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Inside Pete Davidson's $1.29m NY Apartment He Said Was "Disgusting"

Pete is famously very pro-Staten-Island while many in the City are in a rush to forget the place exists. I don’t think he’s lost touch with his roots, but I don’t blame him for wanting a new place now that he’s got all that sweet, sweet Taco Bell money.

The condominium is pretty new – built in 2015. The listing flaunts “unparalleled metropolitan views of New York City,” but I’m not seeing it. The photos make it look very close to the Staten Island Ferry terminal (or storage), so that’s either very convenient or very noisy. Here’s how I see it:

·      Ocean view balcony
·      Open floor plan
·      Natural light
·      Kim Kardashian definitely spent the night here at least once

·      Staten Island Ferry traffic
·      Absolutely ZERO character in the building
·      Could possibly need a deep-clean, per previous occupant

Take a look for yourself and judge: disgusting, bland, or a comedy gold-mine?

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