Every weekday on the Z Morning Show, we pose our Impossible Question to the listeners of Eastern and Central Maine. Usually, our questions aren't that impossible but, it doesn't mean we can't try to stump you.

Here are the questions and answers for this week in case you missed it.  Think you know the answer when we ask the question?  Try to get in with your guess by calling (207) 991-9600.  When you get through, try your guess out and you could win yourself a Sea Dog gift card from one of Bangor's finest restaurants.  Not too shabby for a quick, fun contest, amiright?

UPDATE: Winners names will be sent to the Sea Dog and gift cards can be picked up by visiting their restaurant in Bangor.  Further details will be explained once you win!

And, to all of those who have the guts to call in and prove to us that our Impossible Question is not so impossible and get it right, congratulations!

Do know that you can not win another Impossible Question for 30 days so other listeners can get a chance at getting a nice dinner on the Bangor Waterfront, too.

Congratulations to all of our winners this week, good luck to all of those who try to get in on the answer and try your luck next week 8:10 AM weekdays on Bangor's #1 hit music station, Z107.3!


Monday, October 12th

Q: This year, there’s been a 20 percent decrease in this happening on the road. What? A: Collisions with animals

Tuesday, October 13th

Q: Americans ranked their favorite candy as #1 Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, #2 Snickers bar and... what for #3?

A: Kit Kats; a Google survey which asked 1,000 Americans in different age groups about the candies they “most looked forward to” when they used to trick-or-treat. Gen-Zers, Millennials, and gen-Xers all said they loved Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers, and Kit Kats, in that order

Wednesday, October 14th

Q: Facebook recently pulled an ad featuring this vegetable due to "overtly sexual content". What vegetable?

A: Onion. Facebook refused to run an ad because a photo of onions was flagged as an “overtly sexual image.”

Thursday, October 15th

Q: Two former detention officers and their supervisor are facing charges after they forced inmates to listen to what song on a loop for long period of time as punishment at an Oklahoma County jail?

A: Baby Shark

Friday, October 16th

Q: A Researchers in China have found that men with this particular feature are more likely to cheat on their partner. What feature?

A: A deep voice, due to testosterone.


Join us next week for fresh new questions.  Good luck!

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