Every weekday on the Z Morning Show, we pose our Impossible Question to the listeners of Eastern and Central Maine. Usually, our questions aren't that impossible. Here are the questions and answers for this week. Congratulations to all of our winners this week.

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Monday, June 3rd

Q: 1 in 3 Americans admit to having not done this since high school.  What?

A: Read a book.

Tuesday, June 4th

Q: 1 in 6 women have broken up with a guy because of this.  What?
A: His mom.

Wednesday, June 5th

Q: 3 out 5 parents get stressed about this on the weekend?
A:  Watching a sports game.

Thursday, June 6th

Q: 97% of American adults have done this.  What?
A:  Move.

Friday, June 7th

Q: Nearly 4 out of 5 Americans have one of these.  What?

A: A sibling.

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