Miss any IQ answers this week?


Every weekday at 8:10 on the Z Morning Show, we give you a chance to win a Sea Dog Brewing Company gift , with the "Impossible Question". Since I am constantly being asked "What was the answer to Tuesday's question?" I thought we would post them at the end of the week so you can get caught up.

Were you as perplexed as James Franco looks by our IQ questions? No worries, here are the answers!

Monday, June 25
Q-According to a new survey, when it comes to summer time, 21% of people say they don't really like this?
A-Going on a picnic

Tuesday, June 26
Q-50% of children who live in a city have never done this summer activity?
A-Roasted a marshmellow!

Wednesday, June 27
Q-76% of us do this and get embarrassed in we are caught?
A-Sing in the car!

Thursday, June 28
Q-Most household accidents are caused by chainsaws, microwaves, and this?
A-An area rug

Friday, June 29
Q-One in four American will do this alone in 2018. What is it?
A-Travel alone

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