Miss any IQ answers this week?


Every weekday at 8:10 on the Z Morning Show, we give you a chance to win a Sea Dog Brewing Company gift , with the "Impossible Question". Since I am constantly being asked "What was the answer to Tuesday's question?" I thought we would post them at the end of the week so you can get caught up.

Were you as perplexed as James Franco looks by our IQ questions? No worries, here are the answers!

Monday, June 11
Q-A survey asked "What superpower would you want?" This was number one
A-To be invisible

Tuesday, June 12
Q-35% of fathers have embarrassed their daughters by doing this?
A-walking around without a shirt while their daughter's friends were over

Wednesday, June 13
Q-85% of us love the smell of this, but the rest of us think it stinks. What is it?
A-The ocean

Thursday, June 14
Q-When people were asked to name one thing they wished had never been invented. What was number one?

Friday, June 15
Q-73% of women think a man that is over 40 and wears this is ridiculous. What is it?
A-Baseball Cap

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