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Monday, April 23
Q-In a survey of singles, 74% said if they saw someone do this on a date, it would be a deal breaker?
A-Litter! Give a hoot, don't pollute!

Tuesday, April 24
Q-4% of guys and 8& of women saud they have never used one of these and they don't plan to in the future?
A-Porta Potty

Wednesday, April 25
Q-Half of brides agree, this is the thing they dreaded most about their wedding. What is it?
A-Best man's speech

That question made me think of THIS

Thursday, April 26
Q-One in ten women admit they've had a dream about a man in this profession What is it?

Friday, April 27
Q-This negative experience is most common between 5 and six pm on Fridays. What is it?
A-Road rage

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