As Hurricane Florence churns into North and South Carolina it has grown larger in size. If this storm would have impacted Maine, most of New England would have felt its wrath.

Hurricane Florence is making landfall in North and South Carolina. While the Category 2 storm has weakened, it grew to an impressive size. To show the scale of this storm, we used NOAA satellite imagery of Florence, and placed it over Maine.

NOAA/TSM Photo Illustration
NOAA/TSM Photo Illustration

According to the National Hurricane Center, Florence will push a strong 9-to-13 foot storm surge towards the North and South Carolina coastline, bringing along very strong winds, and potentially catastrophic flash flooding. CNN estimates the storm could dump 10 trillion gallons of rain on North Carolina.

Meanwhile, Maine will be soaked in sunshine through the weekend, as recent fall-like temperatures bounce back into the 80's.

Yesterday a caravan of bucket trucks from Canada stopped in Bangor as they travel to the Carolinas to aid in hurricane relief efforts.

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