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It's hump day and we got things started off with the news that news that the new TV commerical from Downeast Toyota, that featues Kid's dad as Scrooge will hit the airwaves today, and Kid gave a tease of his appearance in the ad, as the voice of "The Ghost of Christmas Future" Todd passed on some pretty flimsy acting tips from all of his various Channel 5 promos he has "acted" in over the years.

Check out Kid's dad as Scrooge from the 2019 commercial

And of course, we had plenty of stupid criminals to chat about!

"No Pants? No Problem?"-Police in Ottawa County, Michigan, arrested a fella who decided that pants were optional at the Next Door Food Store. They caught up with the Pantless Putz in the parking lot, but he hauled ass and fled the scene. Luckily, they were able to catch up to him and send him to a place where he will want pants on 24/7...jail

"You're A Mean One"-Police in Stafford Township, New Jersey, posrted a video of a man dressed up as The Grinch, who was caught in the act ofstealing a Christmas tree. He was cuffed and stuffed, but it turned out to be a fun little practical joke from the Police Department

"I'd Kill For A Jelly Donut"-The disturbing trend of people flipping out and acting psycho when a restaurant or business runs out of an item that they want, has reared it's ugly head again. A 17-year old Dunkin employee in Georgia was stabbed in the arm over a friggin donut. A man and woman rolled into the drive-thru, and were furious that they ran out of a prefered choice of pastry. Of course, the went into the store, and fists started flying, when the customer whipped out a knife. The Dunkin employee was stabbed in the arm, and the suspect fled the scene has yet to be caught. Creep.

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