Stop! It's Hammer pants time!

What fun we had on the Z Morning Show today. We covered just a couple topics, but the debate and insults were flying, per usual.

We learned that Simcox is back in the basement working on some new flavors of his very popular Todd's Salsa. Unfortunaetly, he didn't give up to much ifno, but he said that one of the two he is creating, is top notch!

todds salsa

When I told Todd and Sarah that I hate "Ice Ice Baby", because it ruined the song "Under Pressure" for me, but love "U Can't Touch This", because I never liked the song "Super Freak", I made the mistake of revealing that I used to own baggy, MC Hammer style pants, and Todd was begging any Z listener that has an old picutre of me wearing them, to come forward, Sorry, such picture exists.

And finally, we shared a story that is gross, disturbing and funny all at the same time. In Nashville, Tennessee, a man named Carl Perry, was arrested after he was found naked, and living in a house, when the occupants of the home returned after being away for several days. As if being in his birthday suit wasn't bad enough, he also managed to create havoc as well. Check this rampage out, he smeared feces on the walls, he littered the floor with rotting garbage, every piece of furniture was ruined, and the microwave that was above the stove was melted, and fell off the wall. Not a great house sitter.

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