If you don't wake up with Kid, Sarah & Todd, why bother waking up at all??

We started this morning with the sad news of Jerry Stiller's passing at 92 years old. Any fan of "Seinfeld", or "The King of Queens" has spent many hourse laughing at the antics of Frank Costanza & Arthur Spooner. Serenity Now, Jerry! RIP

It was a pretty mellow Mother's Day, Todd did nothing, Sarah wandered around her backyard in her magic wheelbarrow, and Kid got the feels watching "Forrest Gump" on TV last night.

As usual there was no shotage of morons for us to discuss this morning!

  • "I'd like to super size those panties"-A guy who got tossed out of a McDonald's in Brooklyn, Connecticut, for not wearing a face mask, then decided to head over to Walamrt and steal some women's panties. He thought about making a break for it, until he saw that a police dog was waiting for him.


  • "Strong enough for a man, but made for a wowman"-Stacey Blackman of Lidi, England, was in a store trying to steal a safe of all things, and when security tried to apprehend her, she whipped out a can of aersol deodorant to spray at them, dropped her pants, and promptly told them to "kiss her ass"


  • "Hey, that wasn't my cocaine!"-Again we head to England, where a driver went to jail, when he attmepted to toss $30,000 worth of cocaine out his car window, but the joke wa on him, becuase the plastic bag opened up and sprayed the conents of the drug just about everywhere inside the vehicle.


  • "Hello....anyone?"-A gravedigger in New Jersey had nightmare scenario happen when he was trapped for well over a half-hour, after the grave he was measuring collapsed on him while he was attempting to measure it. He was pinned up to his knees in dirt. This lead us to discover the word, "Taphophobia" which is the fear of being buried alive, which leads to Kid's final wish at his funeral.

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