If you don't wake up with The Z Morning Show, why bother waking up at all?

Not that anyone really knows what any day feels like anymore, the calendar says it's Friday, and we wrapped up another fun week of shenanigans with our pal. WABI-TV5's Todd Simcox

Here's the rundown of this mornings conversation!

When Todd was asked how he was doing, he somehow morphed into Jay Leno, which of course we made fun of
If you missed the audio of the Supreme Court teleconference call where someone(Our money's on you Kavanaugh)double flushed, which it turns out is Todd's greatest fear, and that would be hitting the can to do your business, and leaving your mic on.

If you want to hear the all-time greatest toilet flush, a Z listener sent us this City Council meeting that has the loudest flush ever!

"America runs on Dunkin, and it also runs on pants"-A man in Ludlow, Vermont, decided it would be a fantastic idea to head into the local Dunkin, minus his pants, then he thought it would be even cooler to expose his "bear claw" to customers.

"Hi, Officer!"-A state trooper who decided to pull over a driver who flipped him the bird, was ruled that it was unjustified by the North Carolina Supreme Court. Shawn Ellis was noticed by trooper Paul Stevens, during a blizzard, his hand waving for help ended up turning into a wild up and down motion of everyone's favorite finger gesture.

All of this lead us to a conversation about a Maine vanity plate that was recently spotted that abbreviated the words "Coke Dealer" on a pick-up truck.

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