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If you didn't catch Kid & Sarah's daily chat with WABI-TV 5'S Todd Simcox, here's what you missed.

Since Todd had Monday AND Tuesday off, we tried to solve the mystery of whether of not it was him driving the "Todd's Salsa" van around the state, making deliveries. And we ask him why he doesn't take it to the car wash!

Todd FB
Todd FB

"Moon Over Walmart"- A man in Brick, New Jersey, exposed himself multiple times to customers at the local Walmart last Thursday afternoon. Not only that, but Mordechai Grubin, also recorded these shenanigans on his cell phone.

"If Your'e Happy And You Know It, Pee Your Pants"- Let's face it, people are bored, so it's no wonder that there is yet another dumb social media challenge. On Tik Tok, it's the #peeyourpantschallenge...Sounds fun huh? At least it's safer than eating a Tide Pod.

"If you licked it, ya bought it"-All rise, Judge Simcox has entered the Z-107.3 courtroom for another edition of "Todd's Law" This time around, it's the case of an idiot in South Carolina, who decided to cough and lick her hands before pulling on freezer doors and touching food items throughout a store. Two days later, she then did the same thing at a sandwich shop, when she licked her fingers before paying the cashier. How will Judge Todd rule? Find out!

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