A Bangor Hunter has bagged a bear you saw on TV.

Season one, episode one, Warden Rick LaFlamme knocks out a nuisance bear. He weighs it, yanks a tooth and tags it with a white ear tag indicating it's a nuisance bear. After, LaFlamme relocates the bear and that's the last we see of him...until now.

Jon Boulter was hunting in St. Albans when he spotted the 213 pound black bear. After taking it down, he noticed the bear has some official Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife bling bling.

Biologists use the tags to collect data from the roaming bears. The 'movie star bear' had been relocated from Wells (where he was destroying beehives) to the Katahdin Iron Works area. He roamed about 40 miles from his drop off point when he crossed paths with Boulter.

Boulter was reluctant to share his story about the bear, but talked to the BDN after seeing the opportunity to share his opinion on the proposed bear referendum. The referendum seeks to outlaw the use of bait, hounds or traps to harvest bears.

'We have a high bear population. We have very few negative human interactions with them. It’s a good thing we’ve got going. And if you go and change this, I don’t think you’re going to feel the effects today or tomorrow, but we will feel the effects.'

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