A fun day on tap at the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray!

Sadly the show North Woods Law is no more. It shall live on in our memories, hearts and the constant rerun marathons on Animal Planet.

Coming up September 24 from 9:30-3PM is North Woods Law Day! You can meet the now rock star-famous Maine Game Wardens featured on the show. Some of the Wardens will be on hand for selfies and autographs. In addition, the Warden Service Dive Trailer, Airboat, UTV and the Operation Game Thief trailer will also be on display. Oh yeah, and a BBQ!

There's no fee for the event, however regular wildlife park admission will apply.
Adults $7.50, 4-12 years-old $5.50, seniors (60+) $5.50 and children three and under are free.

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