Maine is getting some primo TV time lately!

Ice fishing is one of my favorite winter activities. Nothing like sitting on a frozen lake for hours hoping for a bite! Ice fishing however isn't the most exciting and wild winter sport the Maine outdoors has to offer. So will it make exciting TV? The National Geographic Channel thinks so!

National Geographic confirmed to the Portland Press Herald that the network will be sending out film crews to capture the action of Maine ice fishing. They are being very tight-lipped however. All they will say about the show is that they will be "filming an upcoming series in the area that will air later this year. More details will be announced later."

It's unknown whether the TV series will follow anglers in search of big catch payoffs, or the built-in drama of Maine wardens enforcing the law.

The cable network signed on Loud TV out of New York City to do the filming. They say they will be filming at the Sebago Lake Ice Fishing Derby on Feb. 15-16. Loud TV also is offering up scarce details on the show citing "National Geographic Channel’s desire to maintain secrecy."

National Geographic's new show will join the ranks of popular Maine based shows like 'North Woods Law' and 'Cold River Catch,' which debuted last week on Animal Planet.

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