Wondering why season two ended so abruptly? We have answers.

If you tuned in to watch some Maine justice get dished out a couple weeks ago, you where probably displeased to find 'Dirty Jobs' on Animal Planet. Season two of 'North Woods Law' was unexpectedly cut four episodes short on July 10th. No worries though, the show is continuing on to another season.

Season three of 'North Woods Law' will pick up again this fall. The season will feature 13 episodes, four in which where intended for season two.

The abrupt end of season two was a miscommunication between the producers, Eagle Entertainment, and Animal Planet. The 'North Woods Law' Facebook page claifiyed the mistake last week.

'We’re sure you noticed that Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe aired last Thursday night at 9 p.m. when you were expecting to see your favorite ‘North Woods Law’ wardens! It’s probably not what you were expecting when you sat down with your bowl of popcorn, but this is good news! While everyone is vacationing at the lake or playing ring toss at the family reunion, we’ll be keeping the five [corrected to 4] remaining episodes of this season, as well as nine new episodes, for a brand new season, on hold for airing this fall.'

Camera crews are following wardens in Aroostook county, Farmington, Portland and Down East.


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