The state of Maine is no stranger to reality TV. Over the years and into the present, we've sure had our fair share of shows such as North Woods Law, Maine Cabin Masters, and Tirdy Works.

Recently Maine native Cameron Hamilton got hitched on Netflix's Love is Blind, but I think Maine is ready to show the world a bit more of what we have to offer.

The production company behind TLC's popular series, 90 Day Fiance is looking for couples from Maine and New Hampshire as well as a few other states for a new series tentatively titled, "Mountain Love", according to the Portland Press Herald.

This isn't your average love-centric reality show. It's often joked about that Maine is two states in one. The country side that's a bit slower, somewhat off the grid, full of hard-working farmers, Carhartts, ATV's, and is a bit quieter. (Except for pit parties and drinking in the woods, of course.) Then there's the city and touristy areas. A busier pace, a bit more modern, some tastes of luxury that can only be found on the coast. This show is for both of those people. In fact, they want couples where one partner who has been used to the city life must adjust to the country life off the grid with their love.

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Some couples move to new states or move abroad, and the changes are vast. Similar changes and challenges can occur right here in Maine by just driving just a couple hours in one direction or the other.

The network that will be the home of the show has yet to be announced and they hope to begin filming by the end of 2020.

If you're one of these "odd couples" or you know one, email for more information or fill out the application here.

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