Figuring out your budget takes a lot of time and juggling.  You HAVE to make ends meet, eventually.  And, a Mainer paying for heating oil during the winter time REALLY makes you have to be able to flex those financial juggling muscles... or cry.  Usually, it's crying.

So, coming across this blog from puts a little perspective in our non-TV reality in seeing what sitcom characters actually pull in financially AND what they're left with at the end of the month, typically turning out unsustainable and super broke.

Check out why what you see on TV IS a fantasy world and that if you're staying in the black at the end of the month, even if there is very little money to have any fun with, YOU'RE DOING ALRIGHT!


Monica, the uptight and neurotic character from NBC long-running sitcom Friends, is barely making it.  The blogger estimates she brings in almost enough income but not quite enough.

Here's what Joybird estimates:

  • Monthly Salary: $3,872
  • Monthly Rent: $3,250
  • Monthly Living Costs: $734
  • Leftover Money: -$112

In fact, the blog estimates only two of the 6 characters of Friends are pulling in enough money to afford their lifestyles where Chandler and Ross are the only two leftover with positive amounts to actually live on.  Meanwhile, the other four are miserably overspending in an unsustainable financial situation.

How I Met Your Mother

Barney is living a life of luxury and clearly cannot afford it, according to Joybird.  Here's what we're looking at for this character's financial situation:

  • Monthly Salary: $7,334
  • Monthly Rent: $7,000
  • Monthly Living Costs: $3,374
  • Leftover Money: -$3,040

This CBS sitcom is pretty similar to Friends when it comes to the lack of sustainability of financial realities for these characters.  The only two bringing in enough money to cover expenses is Ted and Marshall.  Once you add everything up, Lily, Robin and Barney are not making it work.


Elaine is the only female lead of the uber 90's sitcom staple Seinfeld and, thank goodness, we have a female that can get her s*** together and pull in enough money as a Copy Editor to live her lifestyle.  Here's the breakdown:

  • Monthly Salary: $4086
  • Monthly Rent: $2,700
  • Monthly Living Costs: $918
  • Leftover Money: $467

In fact, the characters of the sitcom seem to all be making ends meet and then some, with exception- as you would expect- of Kramer.

Check out other sitcom characters' hypothetical finances including It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Gilmore Girls, New Girl and Sex and the City (this one's abysmal!) at the blog.


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