We asked our Facebook friends to give us a piece of their minds.

Specifically, we wanted those essential workers that are working with the public right now during the pandemic what they wanted Maine and the world to know about being an essential worker during this time.

Today, we focus on Maine's working in convenience stores, big box stores, grocery stores and delivering their goods.  They are face-to-face with the public and have had to alter the way they do business to adapt to distancing during this time.  They continue to work during the pandemic and have a risk of getting the virus due to the nature of their livelihoods.

Here's what they had to say:

As a cashier in a small store, with only 5 people allowed In at once, people tend to ignore the social distancing recommendations of 6 feet, and people tend to not care and take their time inside when there is a line of people outside, like asking “what number is on this ticket” and will have you look at the number of each lottery ticket while there is a line of people outside the store and a line of 4 other people behind them. There is no common courtesy.... As a health care worker in my second job I’m lucky enough to work in someone’s home, and take all precautions necessary and the family is extremely great full I can make it to their home

I work at Walmart neighborhood market in Al id like them to know there is no need to be rude and disrespectful to any of us we don't have to be at work Right Now they won't let anyone go with this going on technically we could all take off work until this is over and they cannot fire us so be glad we come to work but we got way to much to put up with without adding ur attitude on top of it and plz stop down talking us to everyday before we can even go in the building we have to have our temps checked and answer a bunch of questions we have to get there early to get through all that to clock in on time,then we gotta get a mask and gloves I'm glad for the constant hand washing though so plz keep ur attitude at home u know how much we risk even working at Walmart right now.

I am an essential employee who works at the Cigarette Shopper we only sell tobacco products, lottery, and alcohol. We are one of the only smoke shop chains open. I do not make any more then minimum wage, I do not get hazard pay, and I am treated like crap by 8 out of 10 customers. I am tired, I am stressed, I have had a headache for 2 months straight, my anxiety is sky high, I am also trying to school my son he is frustrated and scared as well. I am in the front lines dealing with 1000s of people a week I get coughed on, I have to touch peoples money and debit cards yet they dont want to touch me they throw their money on the counter and expect me to pick it up as they are worried about germs and dont want to touch the counter but it is ok for me. I am sorry people cant work but I think it is great they get unemployment BUT YES I AM PISSED THAT YOU GET 600 EXTRA DOLLARS TO SIT AT HOME SAFE AND SOUND WHILE I AM EXPECTED TO GO TO WORK FOR MIN WAGE AND BE EXPOSED TO A DISEASE THAT WONT KILL ME BUT IT COULD KILL MY OLDER MOTHER OR IMMUNOCOMPROMISED SON AND HUSBAND AND I HAVE TO KEEP GOING TO WORK CUZ MY COMPANY WILL LAY ME OFF IF I AM SCARED TO WORK WITH NO UNEMPLOYMENT AND NO JOB SECURITY THEY WILL HIRE A REPLACEMENT WHICH MEANS THERE MAY OR MAY NOT BE A JOB FOR ME. So yeah that's what being an essential employee has been like for me. So let's give a big round of applause to everyone out there working during this time no matter what our jobs are how big or small we all matter and are doing our part.

I'm a truck driver and have driven through and stopped in to pick up or deliver a load of goods in about 20 or so states since the pandemic has started. We are on the frontline everywhere we go because from what I've seen first hand is most people havent taken it seriously.....in every state. Most have the "itll never happen to me" attitude.

Private Messenger:
Have to send this private because I'm not allowed to speak for the USPS,,,, I am a letter carrier and although there is no evidence that covid-19 can be spread though the mail people are not practicing social distancing with us. I have to remind 5-6 people per day to say back and let me put the mail in the box or drop the package at the door.
I’m in healthcare and deliver patients their meals. I’m looking forward to when this whole mess is over and we can get back to the usual daily stuff.

Everyone is working over and we don't get overtime right now it's all straight time even cashiers have to help stock we close at 8:30 this weekend I work 4-11pm cause we are short on stockers so we r all tired just be polite and stop going out of ur way to make our job harder thanks.

I’m a DoorDash and Grubhub driver. We are out here for you so you don’t have to leave the house for dinner. I take all precautions when handling your food. I wear masks, hand sanitize, sanitize my delivery bag after so many deliveries and perform contactless deliveries if requested. I’m doing my best to stay safe and keep my customers safe too!

I deliver food to peeps n love what I do...I gear up with ppe n people have been so kind.

Private Messenger:

So, both my husband and I are considered essential workers. He works at Sam's (27 years & counting). My work is more... well, I can't post much on social media. I'm in financial services, but not a bank. We are both working outside of the home, and have both changed our shifts around so one of us is always home with our one kid still living at home (she is 10).
One of our older kids works home health care. 3 of our 4 kids talk to a therapist. (Thankfully!! On top of normal daily stresses they are now having to deal with a pandemic).
We have concerns on many levels. Trying to stay healthy, trying to remain upbeat and positive (for our customers/kids/each other...), trying to figure out what is age appropriate to discuss with our 10 yr old, along with acknowledging her fears and questions: why cant I see my siblings on their birthdays (all 3 are 4/3-5/1)? Why can't a friend go for a walk with us? Are we ok? Are my [grandparents] ok? school being out... omg, 5th grade math...‍♀️)
I could ramble on - but the overall thing I would like people to know is that essential employees come in all forms and have many fears, concerns & questions of their own. We are just trying to get through each day the best we can and it sucks when someone gets judgy and puts people down for doing their job and doing their best. We are all in this together. It is not our fault when people are not able to work or open their business (salons, etc), we are just trying to get through each day ourselves.

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