During the most transmissibly vulnerable time of the pandemic, unemployed Mainer's won't receive federal benefits this week due to the lapse of benefits deadline from over the weekend.

In fact, the Maine Department of Labor says benefits through the newly signed federal stimulus bill probably won't bring relief for at least a week, which could include a timeline that goes well beyond this week.  Federal unemployment programs expired over the weekend.

This second round of stimulus comes nine months since the first round of stimulus benefits due to the economic upheaval from the novel coronavirus pandemic.  This round of benefits will extend federal unemployment programs into the early spring as well as provide an additional $300 weekly for the unemployed.

According to a press release, State of Maine's Department of Labor Commissioner, Laura Fortman, is waiting to hear back from federal officials on when these programs supporting the nation's unemployed during the pandemic will be restarted to again benefit those without jobs right now.

The Commissioner explained to MPBN that there is conflicting information surrounding the restart of unemployment programs from federal officials and also states that these same officials have passed along that their will be guidance to states by the end of this current week.

Maine's Department of Labor encourages unemployed Mainers to keep filing weekly certifications in order to get benefits reinstated as quickly and efficiently as possible when programs are given the green light.

For more information about unemployment during the pandemic follow updates from Maine's Department of Labor by visiting their page on the Maine.gov website.

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