Last week, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services announced a new offered program for free rides to get people vaccinated.

DHHS has partnered with ModivCare, which already works with MaineCare members, to offer rides for those seeking to get the vaccine but have difficulties getting to vaccination sites.  These difficulties could be that someone may be unable to drive or they don't have transportation for themselves.

In a press release sent out on March 9th, Maine Department of Health and Human Services Commissioner Jeanne Lambrew explains how the new program provides even opportunity for those across the State of Maine: "This new transportation option helps residents who may struggle to get to and from a clinic for a lifesaving vaccine.  It is a new tool to promote equity in Maine's vaccination plan."

The rides are being offered to the vaccination site, and back from the vaccination site.  Facemasks will be required and may be a shared ride with others getting their vaccinations.  Prior to requesting to use the service, residents must have an appointment scheduled to receive their vaccine.  Additionally, a request for the service must be provided at least 48 hours prior to the appointment time and date.

Reserve a ride by calling 1-855-608-5172.  Be sure to have the appointment date and time ready for reserving a ride and the name, address and phone number of where the vaccine will be taking place.

Currently, Maine's 60 and older population are eligible for the vaccination along with educators, school staff and child care workers.  By May 1st, Governor Mills has stated that all adults will be eligible for vaccines here in the State of Maine.

As of Monday, March 15th, the Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recorded 512,284 administered doses of the vaccine.  It is also being reported that a quarter of Maine's population has received one shot of a COVID-19 vaccine, while 14% has received two doses.

For more information about the new free ride program, visit

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