Yesterday, the State of Maine put out a press release stating that a special enrollment period has begun so Maine residents can enroll in or switch up their Marketplace health insurance plans.

This additional chance is in response to the ongoing emergency situation due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

This second chance' enrollment period began yesterday, Monday, February 15th and will continue for three months- up to May 15th.

Mainers can choose from three companies in the Health Insurance Marketplace, that provides Mainers with 56 different plans to choose from.  Mainers enrolling in the Marketplace can have a lower monthly premium depending on income and the size of their family.

There are nearly 60,000 Mainers utilizing the Marketplace so far in 2021.

Want to see if you qualify for Marketplace Health Coverage?  Check out's website to go through special enrollment options based on different circumstances, including income level, small business ownership or life changes.

Mainers can also get tips, tricks and tools for choosing your individual plan by checking out the Maine Bureau of Insurance webpage which includes a rate calculator, cost-sharing information, types of health coverage, benefits and health/disability/long-term insurance complaint comparison.

Check out specifics about Marketplace coverage and the coronavirus by visiting the specific website page dedicated to this additional special enrollment period.

Take a look at your choices and get estimates based on how much you make by visiting

If you need help, contact the Consumers for Affordable Health Care by calling (800)965-7476 or search for local assistance by visiting the search page.

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