We asked our Facebook friends to give us a piece of their minds.

Specifically, we wanted those essential workers that are working with the public right now during the pandemic what they wanted Maine and the world to know about being an essential worker during this time.

Today, we focus on Maine's labor force.  They build our bridges and houses.  They are teams of people or independent contractors that are continuing to build, rebuild or maintain our workplaces and homes.  They continue to work during the pandemic and have a risk of getting the virus due to the nature of their livelihoods.

Here's what they had to say:

I’m a concrete mixer driver in southern Maine we are building bridges and buildings for affordable housing and we are working 60 hours a week to get the same amount of money of the nonessential workers sitting home doing nothing I feel we should be getting something and if not make us nonessential and we can get the 1000.00 a week just Being home. Anyway I’ll keep on building them buildings for the people who need them 10-4 well going to work now rant over

I work as a operator and laborer dealing with demo and I’m sure everyone that is essential can agree that we as essential worker should get hazard pay working through this time and it’s not far that unemployment people get extra 600 a week while we all getting the same pay it’s down right wrong and Janet Mills should help us essential workers to

Hey! It's #WeedWhackerGuy, and I'm essential! Grass and shrubs don't stop growing, so we don't stop mowing! My perspective is that even while working the grounds in a busy public environment, (for example: Northern Light/EMHS) it's possible to practice social distancing if you put your mind to it and consciously work toward toward that goal. It's carelessness that could allow this thing to continue to be an obstruction to our lives. Wa$h your hands!


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