We asked our Facebook friends to give us a piece of their minds.

Specifically, we wanted those essential workers that are working with the public right now during the pandemic what they wanted Maine and the world to know about being an essential worker during this time.

Today, we focus on Maine's accommodations, rental and real estate.  They are face-to-face with the public and have had to alter the way they do business to adapt to distancing during this time.  They continue to work during the pandemic and have a risk of getting the virus due to the nature of their livelihoods.

Here's what they had to say:

Do your part.
I work at a hotel as a Assistant General Manager, we’re open but for essential workers only. Truck drivers, traveling doctors/nurses/medical staff, linesmen and etc.
So many people have called and are upset they can’t find a hotel to stay at. Unfortunately these are the times we are in and facing. I have worked in hospitality and have for 9 years and do it because I love people, I love the interaction with guests. I have guests who have become part of my work family. So please don’t think it’s because we just don’t want to rent to you. We miss our guests, we want to see things go back to normal so you can stay.
Our job is essential to keep the front line up and running to serve you. These traveling doctors and medical staff are putting themselves at risk to help us get through and back to our normal. My staff and I are putting ourselves, families and children at risk to make sure these front line workers can come up and assist.
So do your part. Social distance. Stay home. Send one person to the store if possible, make game night a virtual event for now. Hang in there and keep in touch with friends and family but do it with safety in mind.

I work in the rental car Business. We been renting to a lot of health care people and some travel business people. I have to clean the rentals and not knowing if or when I might catch this virus and giving it to my family. Just not knowing sucks.

We are happy to still be working and providing for our families but also in the back of my head thinking I could be the person to bring that virus home and hurt my family. I'm worried every day that I could be the reason why my family gets sick and worries me a bunch to the point a cough or sneeze from them has me extremely paranoid. I'm a real estate agent so we have steps we are taking to be safe. Gloves, masks and booties every showing and same with the clients. A friend of mine out of state just recovered from the virus and told me of the pain he went through with the virus and believe me it's nothing that I want a part of and nor for my loved ones


Realtors are essential and, surprisingly, we had to fight for this in the beginning! What everyone should know is that all Realtors have to follow certain rules and guidelines that slows down the showing and listing process a little bit. Masks, gloves, and booties are required and we need to do live, virtual tours for our buyers before they physically go into a home (with all this same gear!). Have faith in your Realtor and know we will get you through this process with as much ease as we can! <3 I'm happy to take any questions on this topic!!

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