Every year the Bangor area and beyond looks forward to the Anah Shriner's Feztival of Trees.  This year is the eighth year the organization puts on the event to raise money for the Anah Shrine.

The event brings thousands to walk the auditorium of the Anah Shriner's temple on outer Broadway in Bangor, raffle tickets in hand to hope that their tickets are the ones to win one of the specially decorated trees that sometimes consists of thousands of dollars of items.

You'll be able to get a sneak preview of the trees on display at 4 PM tomorrow night on the Anah Shrine Facebook page so you can figure out where you want your raffle tickets come Thursday evening, when you can start placing your raffle tickets in the buckets.

Here's what last year's preview looked like on Facebook:

Not only will you get to try your luck on some incredible raffle packages but you'll also get to meet Santa throughout the event starting Thursday, November 21st and going through Sunday, December 1st.

Good luck to all you rafflers!

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