Expose your kids to the history and culture of China through a program provided by the Bangor Public Library on Monday.

Throughout the month of June, the Bangor Public Library has held a few sessions for children in grades three through five explore Chinese culture through stories, learning the language and by creating crafts.

They've read about the Chinese zodiac, learned how to fold a pig out of paper, and to count in Chinese.

Tomorrow's session will be the last one to check out and the itinerary includes reading about the Chinese Dragon Boat Race Festival (having taken place on June 7th already this year), learning how to say the months in Chinese and, lastly, to craft a dragon boat.

The program starts at 4 PM and goes until 5 PM with no registration is required.

Stay up-to-date with this event and be sure to check out all the information on this program by visiting the Bangor Public Library's event page 'Chines Cultural Story Time' on Facebook.

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