Last night Animal Planet's hit show 'Finding Bigfoot' stopped in Portland to talk to Maine's favorite Bigfoot expert and do some searching.

The past few years have produced dozens of bigfoot sightings, photos, and videos so it was about time 'Finding Bigfoot' came to Vacationland.

The team first starts their search by talking to Maine's bigfoot expert and the curator of the well known Cryptozoology Museum in Portland. Cryptozoologist, Loren Coleman has been featured in many television shows including shows on history channel and documentaries and has written many well known books.

Armed with the knowledge and tips given to them by Mr. Coleman and lots of locals, the 'Finding Bigfoot' team heads out into the Maine woods near Brunswick to search. I was quite amused by them confusing the call from near by loons for other creatures, but the team did end up with some puzzling evidence.

The team members also split up to investigate places in the Bigelow area and near Turner.

The Animal Planet team concludes Maine is the perfect place for a 'squatch' and this was one place they have been waiting to coming to!

'Finding Bigfoot: The Maine Event' aired Sunday night on Animal Planet at 10PM.