The Maine Principals' Association voted today to go ahead with fall high school sports amid the COVID-19 pandemic with new guidelines in place.

According to News Center Maine, the MPA voted unanimously to move forward with fall high school sports, however, local school boards and school superintendents still have the authority to declare otherwise for their teams.

A plan is still being worked out as the MPA brings state agencies into the mix to help them determine the proper guidelines they should put in place to keep players and coaches as safe as possible, the news station reported.

Some changes that are planned are to have players keep mouth guards in at all times, more timeouts for players to get a breather and hydrate and requiring coaches and players on the bench to wear masks.

Sounds like that will make it a lot tougher for coaches to yell out to their players while wearing a mask.

One issue that we haven't seen addressed here is what to do about spectators. High school athletes have huge support from parents and the community when they come out to watch them play. The question is, what will that look like during the pandemic?

The NCAA has postponed many of their fall sports championships to the spring of 2021. Could something similar happen at the high school level?

We'll have to wait for additional approval from Maine state government and local school districts as well as see the final plan from the MPA to know for sure what this fall sports season will look like, but the game is on.

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