The Bangor Area YMCA will be closing most of their services in light of the pandemic, including closing pools, classes and centers to try to curb potential transmission through the community of the coronavirus COVD-19.

However, the Bangor Y has chosen to close things down in order to focus on providing daycare for Bangor area children, even including non-members of the Y in their childcare efforts.

Here is what Diane Dickerson, the Bangor YMCA CEO put out Sunday evening:

In an effort to support our families, and especially our healthcare providers and first responders, we are remaining open. This is being offered to our existing Y Families, as well as to OUR ENTIRE COMMUNITY who needs the support. As healthcare professionals have stated, the best case situation is that everyone stays home and has a relative or friend take care of the child in their home. However, this is not possible for many people, and we need to be here for YOU. I know there are mixed feelings about this, and all I can say is that we are taking every precaution possible. Here are just a few of the things we will be doing:

1. All children will have their temperature taken as they enter the Y.
2. Hand Sanitizers must be administered at the door of the Y, and will be continued throughout the day.
3. We will use this opportunity to teach children about washing their hands, not touching their faces, not touching other children, and to try and keep space between.
4. We will have full use of the YMCA, Teen Center, and Isaac Farrar Mansion so that there will be a lot more space allowing groups to be smaller and much more spread out.
5. If necessary, we also have our beautiful Camp Jordan available for programming over the next two weeks.

We have had many questions from parents:
1. Will homework help be provided? YES
2. Will kids be able to swim? YES
3. Will we need to pack a lunch for our child? YES (We are working with the school district for those children who receive free lunch from the school and will be trying to determine if we can pick up those lunches for the children. I will not have an answer on this until Monday, so please pack a lunch for your child on Monday. We will let you know for the rest of the week.)

If you are needing care for your child during this time, please click on the link below, complete and submit.…/b…/full-day-care-reservation-form/

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