On Tuesday, the State of Maine announced that health care organizations throughout the state will be participating in 20 'swab and send' COVID-19 testing sites to expand upon testing already available in the state for the COVID-19 virus.  These sites will be able to send samples directly to the Maine State Lab for testing of COVID-19.

According to the press release sent out on Tuesday, this move will add additional safe and accessible testing capabilities for tourists, seasonal workers and others who are visiting the state.

These additional sites will be drive through sites that will offer testing free of charge to those who believe they may have the virus or who may have been exposed to the virus with no doctor's order required.  This is a part of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services standing order and is directed specifically for people in the following situations:

  • Works in healthcare
  • Works in hospitality
  • People of color given known racial disparities in COVID-19
  • Those who have participated in large gatherings
  • Visits from states which larger positive cases of COVID-19 than Maine

Some of these sites are already up and running and some on this list will be activated in the coming weeks.

"Expanding access to testing is critical to keeping COVID-19 infection rates in Maine relatively low," said DHHS Commissioner Jeanne Lambrew. "Creating Maine-based testing capacity is especially important as national laboratories struggle to handle other states' surge of COVID-19 cases. It prevents the Maine State lab from experiencing the shortages of testing supplies and re-agents that occurred early in the pandemic. We thank these health care organizations for partnering with us to continue to protect the health of Maine people and visitors."


For all of the nearly 60 sites across the Maine, including these 20 new sites, visit www.get-tested-COVID19.org.  Some of the sites listed here are not necessary set up to send testing samples directly to the Maine State Lab.

One of the sites included is through Promerica Health actually a mobile health vehicle which is not included on the list below because it travels throughout the state to underserved areas.

Included on this list is sites already in operation including PCHC in Brewer, Old Town, and Belfast, Calais Regional Hospital

To find a testing site near you, visit www.get-tested-COVID19.org and enter in your zip code for a list of sites in your area.

Here are the new sites that are in operation or will in operation soon to do 'swab and send' samples to go directly to the Maine State Lab.

Maine's Current 'Swab and Send' Sites

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