When you create your playlist for your next high-impact workout, you probably shouldn't include any songs by Drake.

According to a study by clothing retailer Pour Moi, published on Nov. 30, people who listened to Drizzy's music during a running workout ran slower.

The study, which was created to find out the connection between artists and individuals' running speed, analyzed data of 60 runs by a group of runners listening to different artists for each workout session.

The company found that Drake tops the list of artists who had the most adverse effect on running speed. On average, runners recorded a six percent increase in their running time during their three-mile run. This means Drake could add almost 15 minutes (14:42) to your marathon running time.

According to a new study, Drake makes your run slower during workouts.
Pour Moi

Drake's fellow rapper and good friend Nicki Minaj came in fourth on the list. Runners recorded an increased running time of a three-mile marathon by one minute and 24 seconds while listening to Nicki.

In contrast, runners who listened to Beyoncé's music helped cut their three-mile running time down by two minutes and 45 seconds.

These artists will make you run faster during a running workout.
Pour Moi

However, running at a slower pace might actually be beneficial. According to an article in Men's Health, published on Wednesday (Dec. 15), exercising at a steadier rate—commonly referred to in the fitness community as lower-intensity steady state (LISS) exercise—can keep your heart rate on a consistent level, give you an endurance boost, promote better blood flow and help you recover quickly after a brisk run.

So listening to Certified Lover Boy while taking a jog might not be so bad after all. May we also suggest listening to some DMX music to get the blood flow really pumping.

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