This week marks the the 68th year of TV being broadcasted from Bangor, Maine.  In 1953, WABI became the first TV broadcaster in the State of Maine and the Bangor market has grown and shifted since.

The TV station was started by former Governor of Maine, Horace Hildreth, and originally was predominantly an NBC affiliate but also carried other networks at the same time including CBS, ABC and DuMont.  In 1959, a final shuffle took place, and is how we know our TV stations today, where WLBZ Channel 2 was created and became an NBC affiliate and WABI Channel 5 became the CBS affiliate.

ABC was a secondary affiliate to both WLBZ and WABI at that time. Once 1965 rolled around, ABC had it's own local affiliate here in Bangor as WEMT became the exclusive carrier of the ABC network in town, which, eventually became WVII Channel 7.

Even if that history is all brand new to you, one thing that could definitely stick is the slogans that our local stations broadcasted throughout the years to build their branding with the community.  In fact, 'you can count on' some memorable slogans from our local TV stations that we will still be able to remember to this day.

The '80s really seemed to have a hay day with new slogans for the stations just about every year. Once the '90s hit it became less frequent to switch up slogans.  The turn of the new century you can see our local stations seemed to hit a stride with slogans that stuck.

Check out slogans from our local affiliates WABI TV5, WLBZ 2, and WVII ABC7 from the past 40 years.  Do you remember any of the old ones?

Bangor area TV Slogans Through the Years

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