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A little background about this week's question:

  • January 25, 1953 WABI started broadcasting and became the first TV station in the State of Maine.  It started with multi-affiliations but, switched to a full-time CBS affiliate in 1959.
  • The station started originally as a CBS radio affiliate in 1949 by Horace Hildreth who was Maine's governor from 1945 - 1949.
  • Original broadcasting from the station include 'Bozo the Clown', annual 'Santa's Workshop' programs and 'The Nite Show with Danny Cashman'.

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Let your thoughts be known:

This week in 1953, Maine's first television station WABI starts broadcasting in Bangor.  Did you grow up watching Maine's first TV station?


Yes.  It's been pretty cool to watch people like George Hale and Tim Throckmorton, and then end up working with them, when I briefly was at WABI radio, and in the case of Throck, we became friends, and have been for many years! Oh, and uh that Todd guy too I guess...


Yes.  I grew up in the Bangor area and remember channel 5 as 'the old people station' but, in the 2000s it seemed to change with embracing reality TV and procedural shows like CSI.  I had 'the 4' stations for the longest time and grew up really being connected to local stations and personalities.  We are pretty lucky to have the dedicated journalists and meteorologists we've had here in the Bangor area, even if some of those faces move on to bigger markets.


Yes!  I remember watching as a kid. Then I had the honor of working there as a reporter for several years. I was working there when I found out I was going to have my first child. And I remember Catherine Pegram came to my hospital room after I had Noah and they did a little story on it. At the time, Sharon Pelletier, Todd Simcox’s wife and I were all due right around the same time. And it was really neat how it always felt like one big family. I remember that, and that they always had food in the news room. Always!

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