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Let your thoughts be known:

This week in Maine history, the Allagash Wilderness Waterway was established on March 11, 1966.  Have you ever visited the Allagash?


Never been to the Allagash. I have a friend who is a rafting guide up that way, but I have zero desire to do that, ever. It terrifies me even thinking about it. The most remote area I have ever been to is probably when I hiked Mt. Katahdin.


Never been to the Allagash.  I haven't been that far north and into the wild.  I think this would be something that I would really have to prepare my mind and body for before venturing into.  I've seen an opportunity for a visiting artist for a few weeks up in the Allagash that seems to be annual thing and I'm thinking this might be a bucket list item for me.


Never been to the Allagash. I haven't made the time to go check it out yet, but it's on my bucket list!

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