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Let your thoughts be known:

Gifford's ice cream stand opened last week and Jimmy's in Brewer is open for the season.  We want to know...

Will you be the first in line at the ice cream stand now that they are open?



No. It never occurs to me to go to an ice cream stand, which is strange, because I love it, but I also love gelato, which I buy fairly often at the grocery store. Every now and then, I will walk down to the ice cream stand at Fairmont Hardware in Bangor and get a summer treat.


No. It's just a little too cold for standing in line at an ice cream stand for me but power to all those who are doing so to get themselves a long awaited sweet treat!  I'm a fan of m&m ice cream and chocolate chip cookie dough and can't wait to dig in once it get's a little warmer outside :)


Yes. Oh, we've already been to every one of the stands, the day they each opened. It's kind of a big deal in my little family. The kids and I count down to when they open and then celebrate! We have different favorites at each stand. At Gifford's I've always been a fan of Pink Peppermint Stick. At Spencer's, the kids LOVE the Cookie Monster. At Fielder's Choice it's their Cherry Vanilla. At Dairy Queen, Vanilla with crunch coat...you get the picture?!

Alright, Z Nation, now it's your turn to answer this week's Z Nation Sound Off question.


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