The mild temperatures may have you thinking spring but, there's plenty more winter to be had.

If you're looking for a little winter time activity right now, before winter fades away, check out these public places to get your ice skates on and get a little exercise with the kids.

Bangor has plenty of public parks that have ice skating rinks.  Find a place close to you or challenge yourself to visit five before winter ends.

    1. Broadway Park
    2. Chapin Park
    3. Fairmount Park
    4. Stillwater Park
    5. Bangor Gardens Park

Here are other outdoors ice skating rinks that aren't in Bangor that were mentioned by my Facebook friends:

  • Penobscot Ice Arena- indoor and outdoor skating
  • Winterport Rec Park
  • Brewer Rec Park
  • Holden Pats Pizza

Did we miss any of your favorite outside skating rink open to the public?  Shoot us a message on our Facebook and we'll include it in a future Z107.3 post.

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