Maine is a destination for skiing and the slopes are open.

What can you expect as a Mainer going to hit the slopes this year during COVID-19? Expect to take a look at guidelines that will be posted before entering a skiing area. Resorts are being asked to post guidelines that you would expect including social distancing on shuttles, at ticket lines and lift areas as well as mask wearing.

You will need to wear a mask while traversing the skiing area but can take it off during your slope runs and when you are eating at a resort.

Also expect to sit in your car. Suit up and then take a seat in your warm car because there will be no indoor equipment storage available at resorts and ski areas.

According to, State officials originally wanted ski areas to ask visitors health and travel questions prior to being entered onto the skiing areas. The Ski Maine Association requested to the State if posting of guidelines and asking if it was read by visitors be required instead to ease long waits for visitors. This was accepted as an easier way to get people through quicker and avoid build-up around lift ticket areas.

If you coming from out-of-state to Maine to do some skiing, be sure to check out Maine's pandemic travel guidelines site and the 'Keep Maine Healthy' website.

Current guidelines for out-of-staters include a 14 day quarantine upon entering the State of Maine or getting a negative COVID-19 test up to 72 hours prior to coming to the state.  Exempted travelers from particular states for this portion of the guidelines currently include those coming from New Hampshire and Vermont.

More on these out-of-state pandemic travel guidelines for the State of Maine can be found at 'Keep Maine Healthy' at the website.

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