Bangor is a special place to those that grew up here or decided to move here.  It's got great history and Etsy is doing a great job of representing the treasures the city has left behind or the treasures made to represent our home town.

Here are some great items for those looking for a uniquely Bangor item for home decor, a piece of jewelry to gift to someone special or a special item that you might not have imagined Bangor to be a part of.


Bangor Maine 1875 Augustus Koch Birds Eye View Reprint

Old Bangor map from 1875 which is available in several sizes.  This is a reproduction of an old popular map of Bangor that shows many buildings that were seen at the time the drawing was created, even showing the traffic of boats going up and down the river.  The original is at the Library of Congress but you can buy this poster and make it your own little piece of Bangor.

Oldmap via Etsy

Bangor Charm Bracelet

A Bangor charm bracelet that includes a heart charm, a State of Maine charm and a map charm that includes Bangor and surrounding towns.  I can think of a few recent high school graduates that could use this once they go to college out of state.

BelugaHomeStudio via Etsy

Vintage Corduroy Dysart's Hat

This classic Kelly Green Dysart's hat is recognizable to any Bangorian, even if you don't see the front of the hat.  $15 for a relic of the past that will live forever in Bangor infamy?!?!  Yes, please!

RelikVTG via Etsy

Bangor Public Library's Copper Jewelry

This necklace, among many other pieces of jewelry made custom by MaineJewelryandArt on Etsy, is a quinescental piece that not only includes the historic copper material from the roof of the Bangor Public Library, taken down a few years ago, but also includes stamping of the year that the original copper roof was installed in 1912.  Yes, that is 103 years of oxidized copper and it is awesome.

MaineJewelryandArt via Etsy

Vintage Bangor Fire Department Souvenir Glass Mugs

If you know a fire fighter and want to get them a special gift that highlights their service roots than a pair of Bangor Fire Department glass mugs might be the perfect gift.  These mugs are from 1976, in great condition and include "Bangor Fire Department" and "Bangor, Maine" in bright red paint.

GyreAndGimbleMaine via Etsy

Vintage Glass Coca Cola Bottle

I wouldn't think Coca Cola had anything to do with Maine but these two glasses show that glass bottles for the soda giant were made here in Maine and even have it embossed on the glass.  One in particular, the clear glass bottle on the right, was made in Bangor.  Check out the bottom of the bottle!

TreasuresFromMaine via Etsy
TreasuresFromMaine via Etsy

Classic Bangor Potato Sack

A list of uniquely Maine items would be incomplete without something to do with potatoes.  It's a big industry for us now and was when this bag first came to be in the 1960's.  It's a great design AND it has the word "yankee" printed on it.  Frame this and any Bangorian would be brought to tears to receive this unique piece.

TheGreenwichTeacup via Etsy