Bangor High School Principal Paul Butler on Friday said he was "still hopeful" about year-end ceremonies, including graduation, but acknowledged the uncertainty of the situation.

Officially, the Bangor schools -- and all area schools -- are closed until at least April 27, in hopes of slowing the spread of COVID-19, a pandemic respiratory illness that has resulted in the deaths of nine Mainers thus far.

On the oft-discussed subject of whether schools will resume before the end of the year, Butler said, "I really hope so, but we don't know."

"We're still hopeful about year-end festivities, including awards ceremonies and even graduation," Butler said. "We still have those planned, but we have to respond to the situation."

He said if there is no traditional ceremony, they would find a "virtual" alternative.

In the video, Butler also addressed questions including the school's newly adopted grading procedures.

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