It is easy to pass by the news of the wildfires happening in California right now, since we are located on the opposite side of the nation.

As a Mainer, viewing news about these fires, it seems like it's a problem every year and it's easy to not pay attention to unless you have connection to California.

Nonetheless, the Bangor Fire Department puts the large size of a current fire, called "Camp Fire", in Northern California currently, into perspective for us here in the Bangor area.

Take a look at this post from Facebook that the Bangor FD put up yesterday:

The Bangor Fire Department explained what's viewed in the map as how the size of the charred land due to one of the latest fires in California compares to the Bangor area:

So far the Camp Fire in California has burned an area equal to 6.6 times the size of Bangor. We send everyone that lives there and the men and women fighting the blaze our thoughts #staysafe

California currently has two fires that it is battling, one in northern California, being called "Camp Fire", which has burned 149,500 acres and 76 fatalities, as well as a second fire in Southern California, being called "Woolsey Fire", that has burned 96,949 acres and killed 3 people.  All together, both fires have destroyed roughly 13,000 structures including homes and businesses.

For more information on the current California fires, visit

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