It's been a challenging year for almost all of Maine's businesses with amusement parks being no exception. Maine's largest amusement park, Funtown/Splashtown U.S.A. decided to forego their entire season rather than attempt to battle significant restrictions as well as staffing issues.

But that wasn't the case for Aquaboggan, which opened for the season nearly two months ago as the only operational amusement part in the normally bustling Saco/Old Orchard Beach area.

But according to their Facebook page over the weekend, their season will end early after a dispute with state regulators over COVID-19 restrictions.

In their post, Aquaboggan hints that they were displeased with the State of Maine over "inconsistent" regulations involving their park.

According to WMTW, the dispute is over the classification that Aquaboggan fell under. The park believed it should have been viewed as an "open space" gathering area, allowing them to welcome more than a thousand guests into the park on any given day.

The State of Maine claims that they are "shared space", limiting Aquaboggan's guest capacity to 100 people at any given time. After several warnings were reportedly not heeded, according to WMTW, Aquaboggan was hit with a cease-and-desist order on Friday, leading to their decision to simply shut down the water park prior to Labor Day weekend.

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Aquaboggan promises in their Facebook post to challenge the state on their regulations if they are still in place for the 2021 season.

Speaking of next year's season, Aquaboggan plans to honor any unused tickets from the 2020 season next year.

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