I'm adding this to the long list of things that Bangor needs!

If you really take a minute and think about it, there are a bunch of businesses that we don't have here in the Greater Bangor area. Sure, we have THE best concert facility in New England, but the lack of an IKEA, and an Apple Store come to mind, but lately, I have been reading quite a bit about the "Barbenheimer" phenomenon the last few weeks, and it occurred to me, that Maine has only 1 IMAX theatre.

Apple Cinemas in Saco, (also known as Cinemagic) is the only place in Maine where you can enjoy an IMAX theatre. It bills itself as "The world's most innovative movie-going experience."

What's the difference between an IMAX theater and a regular theater you ask?

IMAX theaters use larger projectors than standard theaters do, which means the images on the screen can be up to ten times bigger than what you see at home or in most other types of cinema presentations. These huge screens allow you to really immerse yourself in what you are watching.

There are no bad seats in an IMAX theatre. There is perfectly tuned sound, and dual projection, which gives you unparalleled brightness and brilliant clarity.

Sounds pretty good huh?

No doubt, we have plenty of options to see big Hollywood blockbusters around here, but nothing on the scale of IMAX.

I can definitely think of a few places around town where an IMAX theater would fit nicely, but unfortunately, that's not up to me to decide, so until then I will have to dream about it.

Are there any other businesses you wish would come to this part of the state? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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