This crash course will get you hyped for summer fun because this dude knows his stuff!

Canobie Coaster, is a guy who travels the world riding roller coasters and visits amusement parks to try out all the rides and then give his review. This sounds like a pretty fun hobby to me, but what is particularly impressive, is the length that he goes to in the process of doing this. Not only does he strap a GoPro to his body while he is on each of the rides, with a really cool-looking video that gives you an up-close and personal look, but he also gives very detailed information on each one. Breaking it down to a degree that the nerdiest of ride nerds would totally love.

Maine, unfortunately, doesn’t have an overabundance of these types of fun places, but summer will be here before you know it, so why not do a deep dive into the best rides, so that when the time comes, you will be ready to go!

If you have plans to enjoy a day of adventure at either Funtown/Splashtown U.S.A., Palace Playland, or York's Wild Kingdom, and Aquaboggan, Canobie Coaster has gone above and beyond, breaking down his Top 15, and telling you exactly what he likes about each one of them! Here are 15 examples of fun to be had, folks!

1- The Excalibur-Funtown USA
2- Astrophere-Funtown USA
3- Dragon’s Desent-Funtown USA
4- Stealth-Aquaboggan
5- Power Surge-Palace Playland
6- Sea Viper-Palace Playland
7- Thunder Falls Log Flume-Funtown USA
8- Triton’s Twist-Funtown USA
9- Poseidan’s Plunge-Funtown USA
10- Drop Zone-Palace Playland
11- Adrenaline-Palace Playland
12- Tornado-Funtown USA
13- Yankee Ripper-Aquaboggan
14- Bumper Cars-Funtown USA
15- Ferris Wheel-York's Wild Kingdom

So many choices. Bring on the summer of 2022!

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