The answer may surprise you!

As we sit and anticipate yet another round of brutal weather coming up on Saturday, my thoughts turned to summer, which then turned to thoughts of the beach, and here in the State of Maine, we have some of the best in the United States, but can you enjoy it in the buff?

According to the Portland Press Herald, "Under Maine law, anyone may go topless in public. However, Maine's indecent conduct statute prohibits anyone from knowingly exposing their genitals in public under circumstances 'that are likely to cause affront or alarm"

Not sure if that sums it up, but it is something to keep in mind this coming summer.

Here is the official State of Maine policy on the topic.

The real question here is, would you if you could?

When doing a little research on this topic (yes, I know that sounds kinda pervy) I found a Maine Reddit thread about this very topic, and some of the comments were insightful, and also pretty damn funny.


There are no nude beaches in maine. I don't believe you'll be arrested for going nude in a low pop area, especially some of the more lightly traveled lakes


That's unfortunate about no nude beaches. I just don't want to get an indecent exposure charge lmao.


You won’t get an enforceable citation, but the oglers and pearl clutchers will probably make your day unbearable.


It's completely legal to be topless in Maine. If any cops try to arrest you you'll get a nice settlement out of the deal.


You cant be. As long as you don't show genitalia you can be topless in Maine anywhere in public.


In Portland being topless is legal regardless of gender. So if you don't mind fighting off dogs and swimming in questionable water, East End beach is probably your best bet


Yeah as long as you “leave your domicile” without a top and aren’t just whipping your tiddies out in a Remy’s or something it’s totally legal in Maine. That’s how an officer explained it to me when my neighbor tried getting me arrested for sunbathing on my own land.


You won't. Probably. Just be smart, im sure you've done this before.


OOB has a fair amount of foreign folks usually, bring a top with you and do a french accent you should be fine.


Any beach is a nude beach if you close your eyes and belieeeeve!


Once you’re in Aroostook County, most of the beaches are nude, you’ll be the only one around for 50 miles.


My neighbor lady gardens in just bikini bottoms. It's a pretty happy neighborhood.

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