If you had perfect summer weather conditions and could hit the beach, which one would you go to?

We are beyond blessed to live in the state of Maine, well for most of the year anyway, but that having been said, summers here are the envy of many people, which is probably why so many tourists flock here to enjoy the food, the ocean, and the general laid back vibe here.

So, the question we pose today is a simple one. On one classic summer day in Maine, would you choose to go to Bar Harbor or head to Old Orchard Beach?

Sure, there are plenty of other options to enjoy in Maine, but for today, we want to narrow it down to these two appealing destinations.

Bar Harbor is the place to stay if you are visiting Acadia National Park. This hot summer tourism hot spot has a ton of shops, restaurants, bars, ice-cream vendors, and of course, the one and only Sand Beach.

Old Orchard Beach is a resort town located in York County. This popular seaside resort has many tourist-oriented businesses, including incredible restaurants, live music, and nightlife and the wooden pier on the beach is a must.

The best part of both of these choices is that you are so close to the Atlantic Ocean, that you can smell it. That's probably where the similarities end, because they offer up two very different experiences, but either one is a great getaway that everyone can enjoy!

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