When it’s winter in Maine, this is inevitable! What is the worst spill you ever took?

It is so easy to lose your footing on a slippery set of stairs, or in your driveway. I dislocated my finger last year, trying to break my fall, and that same winter, I took a spill and smacked my head on the ice, and it was pretty scary.

It doesn’t seem to matter how careful you are, when the weather is crappy, the odds of wiping out are fairly solid.

Cruising around Reddit yesterday, I watched a video of a Maine man, who bit the dust walking down his staircase on his way to work. Yes, it is good for a chuckle, once you realize that he was fine.

While we're on the subject, did you know that if you're a resident of one of several Bangor-area towns, you can get free salt and sand from your town?

The comments on his video prove that most of us have tremendous empathy for his situation because it has happened to all of us. There are also some helpful hints from people that might come in handy, especially on Friday, when snow will rear its ugly head yet again.

·20 hr. ago
Penobscot Hiker
Are you ok?

·19 hr. ago
I fell like this a year ago and dislocated my elbow. Ice was hiding under the snow.

·36 min. ago
I fell like this a few years ago and broke my elbow. It was awful.

·19 hr. ago
I felt that in my soul (and my butt). Are you okay?

·19 hr. ago
Two things to know:
• Hold on to stair handles when descending stairs.
• Baby steps. Always. Baby steps. Do the shuffle, even!
Hopefully you're okay! But keep this in mind for the next time. It's how I was taught to treat icy driveways and sidewalks.

·19 hr. ago
Walk like a Penguin on ice..always works for me.

·12 hr. ago
First it's "walk like a man", then "walk like an Egyptian", now it's "walk like penguin". I'm so confused...

·14 hr. ago
Stair handles lmao
Love it

·20 hr. ago
Nomad Rush
Ouch! That's why I always put spikes on my boots before going out to navigate our state-wide skating rink.

·19 hr. ago
Yeah seriously. Ouch, but, what did they expect was going to happen?

OP·19 hr. ago
Man's was trying to get to work that's all and wasn't worries about that ice...until I was face to face with it haha

·18 hr. ago
Oof, sorry bud.
I wear my cleats basically everywhere - all it took was falling on my ass once. My tail-bone was sore for days but my ego has been bruised ever since.

OP·13 hr. ago
It did hurt but I couldn't milk it as much as I wanted. Im glad I was able to show everyone my suffering.

·19 hr. ago
Ouch. At least your head didn't hit the railing. But yeah. Still hurts.

·20 hr. ago
Oooo, your head missed that handrail by thiiiiis much...

OP·19 hr. ago
·18 hr. ago
Glad you are ok. What people don't know is before he rested on the 7th day, God created ice and glutinous maximus to keep him entertained on his day of rest.

·20 hr. ago
Felt that

·19 hr. ago
My knee sends its sympathies from a similar event this past Saturday.

·11 hr. ago
As does my (now titanium supported) wrist.

·20 hr. ago
Oooh I could instantly tell that was that extra-slick ice.

·19 hr. ago
I totally did that the other day! I have a bruise on my tailbone or what they call your coxis. (Spelling). Hope you feel better sooner than later!! Mine still aches!

·17 hr. ago
Your town might give out free sand. Worth a check

·17 hr. ago
Ouch! A co worker did that on Christmas Day, but clocked her the back of her head on the step and ended up with a concussion.

·15 hr. ago
Oh man, I'm sorry! Heads up- I did this back in Jan and even though I didn't hit my head, turns out you can still get a concussion if your head/neck area bounces hard enough. Just keep an eye on yourself friend.

·20 hr. ago
It happens dude

·16 hr. ago
That's a wicked diggah bub. Did ya get all stove up?

·16 hr. ago
Suggestion: install a playground slide on the left side of your porch there, that goes right into all the snow. Safer and more fun way to start each day!

·13 hr. ago
Oof! That stinks! I’ve learned to trust no steps and penguin walk everywhere until Memorial Day. Edited to add: Glad to read you’re ok though!

·12 hr. ago
Ouch! I did that the weekend before last and am still in a good bit of pain with about an 8” bruise. I hope you made out better than me!

·14 hr. ago
The first 5 seconds of watching, I knew what's going to happen, and still cringed when it happened. Hope you're alright

·10 hr. ago
First cold snap of the winter, I was getting out of my car, slipped on ice, and just laid there for awhile while I tried to decide if it was worth getting back up. I had to pee though, so I got up.

·8 hr. ago
I did that in the woods today. I'm glad it wasn't on pavement- it wasn't that bad. That looked sucky, but it's awesome that you didn't break a wrist or

·3 hr. ago
Western Maine
I fell in my driveway a couple weeks ago, but don't worry, I caught myself...with my hip and shoulder

·26 min. ago
Oomph, that sucks . In the AM I get caught with my hands in my pockets not ready to break my fall. It catches you when you still are a little sleepy. I go out to feed the stock and where the surface changes I still ,after years, slip.

·7 hr. ago
Ouch! But also, thanks for the chuckles

·38 min. ago
Happens to the best of us. It’s a winter tradition.

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