One of the most frustrating things about how slippery it can get out there. Especially with the flux in temperatures. Snow, then Rain, and there is melting. Then the temps drop and wet goes to frozen.

Ice is great at TD Garden. On your driveway and sidewalk, not so much.

But what to do? Most supply stores simply can't keep stock on salt or sand.

If you live in one of these Bangor-area towns, you can get your salt and sand. In most towns, it is free for residential use only.


Bangor Public Works has free sand, with a little salt mixed into it so it doesn't freeze. You can drop by their Main Avenue location Monday to Friday between 8 AM and 4:30 PM Bring your own up to 5-gallon pails, and you can fill two of them for no cost, for Bangor residents. Info here.


Brewer Public Works does offer Brewer residents up to two 5-gallon pails of sand. (Your pails) For info, call Brewer Public Works Department Monday to Friday between 7 AM and 3:30 PMat 989-7800


Eddington offers residents two, 5-gallon buckets of sand per season at the Town Office. Bring your own buckets.


Ellsworth Public Works Department has up to one 5-gallon pail at no charge. Bring your bucket to the Highway Department Garage on Main Street.


Glenburn has a mix of sand and salt and it is outside the Salt Shed at Public Works. One 5-gallon bucket (your bucket) is available for residents for each storm for no charge.


Hampden does not offer sand or salt to local residents.


Hermon residents can get sand mixed with road salt outside the sand shed building at  Hermon Public Works. But you are asked to go when road maintenance operations are not taking place. Bring your own buckets, and it is for private residential use only. Here's info.


Sand is available behind the Highway Garage next to Holden Police Department, and available 24 hours to Holden residents. Bring your own pail and shovel.

Old Town:

Old Town used to (in the old days), but it no longer offers sand or salt for residents to use.


Bring two of your own 5-gallon buckets per storm for a sand salt mix at no charge for local residents. Orrington's Salt Shed is at Public Works on Tupper Drive.


Orono's Director of Public Works Rob Yerxa says:
Orono makes sand available to residents for use in their driveways and walkways, the sand must be used for residential properties.
The sand is available at our Public Works facility located at 135 Kelley Road, which is open Monday - Friday from 6 AM - 4 PM. Sand is not available outside of the operating hours.
Residents are limited to one or two 5-gallon buckets and there is no cost. Residents need to bring their own buckets and shovels.


Veazie offers up to one 5-gallon bucket (your bucket) at the Veazie Town Office. The Salt Shed operates during their office hours Monday to Friday between 8 AM. and 4:30 PM. There is a $5 charge, and it is only for Veazie residents.

No matter where you live, remember all that sand and salt are for local residents.

So don't be slip, sliding away.

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