After a brief hiatus, a local favorite will open their doors again next week!

If you have been driving by High Tide in Brewer the last several weeks, and wondering why the parking lot is empty, you need not wonder anymore.

As a rule, January is the slowest month in the service biz. Lots of people do a “Dry January” and don’t indulge in such activities, especially after spending an entire holiday season drinking, eating and just being merry in general.

Knowing that business usually comes to a standstill this time of year, High Tide shut things down for the month, but they are ready to crank things up again for 2023, when they make their much anticipated return on Thursday.

So not to worry, this was simply a chance to give everyone a bit of a break, and come back bigger and better for the year.

This of course means that you will continue to get delicious seafood, burgers, and other great dishes, along with fantastic live music on the weekends, and outdoors on their awesome deck in the summer months.

Also, don't forget that the Super Bowl is coming up on February 12th, and they are one of the many Bangor area spots to hang with your friends and enjoy all the action on the day of the big game.

No need to hit the panic button, after a much deserved rest, the crew at High Tide is back at it again, starting this Thursday, February 2nd!

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