You have to see this picture to believe it! Who does this guy think he's fooling?

Every day on The Z Morning Show, I look at tons of websites for stories about dumb criminals, so I can read them to TV-5's Todd Simcox, to crack him up. As you can imagine, there are lots to choose from on a regular basis, but it is rare to find a good one right here in our neck of the woods.

The Belfast Police Department posted a hysterical picture of a guy attempting to be inconspicuous, with a super stealth white sheet over his head, as he sits in a chair. What a criminal mastermind, huh?

An allegedly intoxicated, Phillip Delude, was wandering around the Admiral Ocean Inn on Sunday night, when Belfast PD removed him from the premises, but that didn't quite do the trick, because he came back a few hours later, which is when he devised his intricate scheme, of hiding underneath a bedsheet.

Usually, the Bangor Police Department has all the wacky social media posts, so kudos to Belfast on joining the fun!

As you can imagine, Facebook users had some pretty funny comments to add to this story:

Jen Middleton
Someone take this person back to kindergarten and teach them how to play hide and seek.

Heather Wheeler
Maybe they identify as a ghost

Natasha Kendall
Looks like the Admiral Inn

Sara Alley
Time to go back to FL, Casper.

Jerrylynn Leavitt Perkins
Nothing to see here.

Carolyn Brown
No way your gonna find them . Lol

Donnie Brown
Did this really happen??

Melanie Flanagan
What they’re not telling us, is the faint singing of “don’t be suspicious… don’t be suspicious” is what tipped them off that it was NOT in fact a ghost chair.

Pam Peapod Peaslee
Looks like his woman kicked him out with just a blanket and he had nowhere to go ‍♀️

Rebekah Vieira
Is this someone’s 5 year old?

Laurie Kilby
if you cant see them, they cant see you.

David Guba
Remember kids don't do drugs.

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