Calling all tourists! This is a great way to spend a day

Now this is my idea of a vacation! Grab your significant other, and head to one of the most beautiful spots in Maine...and just pig out.

George and Crissa are a young couple from Tampa, Florida, who love to travel and make videos of things like the beach, eating, and exploring ways to have fun and bring joy some to people. Their You Tube Channel is a variety show: you'll see everything from comedy skits, vlogs from Walt Disney World, tips and tricks, how-to's, and more.

When they recently paid a visit to Bar Harbor, they immediately had one goal in mind, try the best food they could find within a 24-hour span of time.

Their menu included

  • Popovers and Tea from The Jordan Pond House
  • Cold Lobster Rolls from The Stadium
  • Hot Lobster Roll from The Travelin’ Lobster
  • Blueberry Pie from The Stadium

Figuring in naps, and a good night of sleep, they did pretty well seeking out some good eats.

They also tackled something that I personally attempted many years ago, the hiked the extremely challenging Precipice Trail, which is no easy feat, but trust me, it is an experience you never forget. I would highly recommend this to anyone who comes to Bar Harbor, well after you find the best places to eat of course!

And, as if there isn't enough to do in Bar Harbor, it is also an excellent destination for a B&B getaway!

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